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Mind-blowing Facts About North Korea and Kim Jong-un

North Korea has been ruled by 3 generations of the same family, all brutal dictators. The administration of North Korea has been a family business since it was founded by Kim II-sung in 1948. The current ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-un came to power following the death of his father Kim Jong-il (Kim Il-sung's son) who died of heart attack on 17th December 2011. Kim Jong-un is regarded as the youngest ruler in the world and of course, the youngest dictator. Kim Jong-un's grandfather, the founder of North Korea cut off the nation economically and diplomatically from other parts of the world. But that's just the tip of iceberg. Today's History Files brings you some historical facts about North Korea and its leadership.

1. In December 2013, Kim Jong-un executed his Uncle Jang Song-thaek, who was accused of plotting against him. When his aunt protested the execution, she was also eliminated through poisoning.

2. As if being as cruel as his grandfather was not enough, Kim Jong-un underwent plastic surgery to look exactly like his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

3. Kim Jong-un ordered North Koreans to style their hair like his. You don't just style your hair the way you desire, you have to choose one of the 28 government-appr

oved haircuts. Kim Jong-un's haircut is called 'ambitious'.

4. In North Korea, the year isn't 2019 but 108. This is because their calendar is based around the birth of the founder Kim Il-sung who was born in 1912.

5. North Korea holds elections every 5 years. Don't think they practice democracy because the ballot papers list only one candidate.

6. Literacy in North Korea is defined by the ability to write Kim Jong-un's grandfather's name, Kim Il-sung.

7. North Korea gets much of its income by exporting counterfeit pharmaceuticals, such as Viagra, narcotics such as meth, counterfeit cigarettes, and fake $100 U.S. bills.

8. There's a 'three generations of punishment' sentence in North Korea. Here, a person would be sent to prison along with his entire family and two subsequent generations will be born in the prison and live their entire lives there.

9. In North Korea, consumption of cannabis is very legal and is recommended by the government as a healthier alternative to tobacco. Also, Malaysians are the only nationality allowed to visit North Korea without a visa.

10. A North Korean has the right to defect to South Korea and when that's done, he is going to get $10,000 to $28,000 as startup money.

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