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Fun And Interesting Facts About Bonobos

Bonobo is a special kind of ape that is sometimes called "dwarf chimpanzee" because it shares a lot of similarities with chimpanzees. Although they look alike, after close examination of bonobos and chimpanzees, they are classified as different species at the beginning of the 20th century. We're going to learn about human's closest primate cousins in today's Nature and Wildlife.

1. Bonobos are found in only one country: the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2. Humans share about 98.7 percent of their DNA with bonobos. They are genetically closer to humans than they are to gorillas. Sharing 98.7% of the same DNA as humans, it is not surprising that bonobos possess very human-like qualities. They embody a profound intelligence and a deep emotional capacity.

3. Bonobo has upright skeleton, long legs and narrow shoulders. It walks bipedally (on two legs).

4. Bonobos like mating more than anything else. But Bonobo sex lasts only about 13 seconds on average. Don't laugh!

5. Humans were once thought to be the only animals whose sexual activity was most-often face to face. It turns out, it’s a bonobo favorite position as well. Bonobos can make love face to face and sometimes kiss using their tongues. Males and females engage in these encounters with their own sex as well as the opposite sex, and can do so with any member of the group.

6. Every sex serves a purpose in the world of Bonobos. They engage in sexual behavior for a variety of reasons: to form bonds, to neutralize tense situations, to express excitement, to greet one another, to encourage sharing and compassion, and of course, to reproduce.

7. These great apes are known to self-medicate

by ingesting certain leaves. They can also combine several plants together to create effective remedies.

8. The female takes sole charge of caring for her young, as it is impossible to identify any one male as the biological father (because they have multiple partners). Young bonobos have a very strong bond with their mothers; if they are separated too early there is a great risk that the

young will let themselves die.

9. Young males are more dependent on their mothers than young females. They will stay within the troop even when they reach sexual maturity. Females will leave and join another troop.

10. Plants represent majority of bonobo's diet. They usually eat fruits, leaves, honey and seeds. Insects, worms, eggs and crustaceans are occasionally on the menu. Bonobos will rarely hunt and eat small mammals. They have an average lifespan of 40 years in captivity.

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