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All Interesting Facts About The British Royal Family

The British Royal Family is undoubtedly one of the most famous royal clan in the world. The Royal Family officially comprises of the ruling monarch and all of their close relatives. Despite now serving a largely ceremonial roles, the British Royal Family is still as popular as ever. The entire British royal family are public figures and members of the royal family have belonged either by birth or by marriage to the House of Windsor (royal house). Here are some fascinating facts about the Royal Family.

1. The Queen never travels alone. Along with her royal doctor, the Queen travels with 34 people including a private secretary, a hair dresser, press officers and most importantly, she travels with supplies of her own blood.

2. It's tradition for British monarchs to celebrate two birthdays. So the Queen has 2 birthdays. She has an official birthday that is celebrated on a range of dates in the different countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. The second is her actual birthday the 21st of April, the day she was born in 1926. The Queen prefers to celebrate her actual birthday privately in family circle but the official one is a national day marked by a parade and mass celebrations.

3. Queen Elizabeth II sets the tone for all meetings. In case you are opportuned to have dinner with the Queen, you have to know that as soon as the Queen finishes her meal, everyone must put down their silverware and stop eating. This rule applies to all members of the Royal Family.

4. Members of the Royal Family are not allowed to touch common people. They are also not allowed to have selfies or sign autographs. So if you are lucky enough to meet a royal, you should not offer your hand to them to shake. Sometimes, these rules are violated during meetings with celebrities and other famous people.

5. Nobody walks with the Queen! Even the Queen's husband can't walk beside the Queen, his husband has to walk a few steps behind. Tradition says that the Queen is more important and has to lead the way! President Donald Trump became the first man to break the protocol when he walked in front of the Queen in July 2018, causing social media frenzy.

6. You must never turn your back to the Queen. It's a serious offence if you meet the monarch, but then turn away to chat with someone else. Once again, the monarch is more important and it's up to her to decide when the conversation is over and leave you to do as you like.

7. The Royal Family always travels with black cloths in their suitcases in case of someone dying. When King George V died in 1952, the then Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya and she didn't have an all-black outfit handy to signify her mourning. A dress had to be delivered to her plane on her arrival to UK before she could step out of the plane.

8. The Queen is the only person in UK who's allowed to travel anywhere in the world without a passport and also drive around United Kingdom without a drivers' license.

9. Since the reign of Charles II, it's become tradition that 6 ravens live at the tower of London. Why? Because Charles II once said that if the ravens leave the tower, then the kingdom will fall. So if you miraculously enter the palace, leave the Tower of London's ravens alone!

10. The Royal Family works hard to preserve their lineage. The royals never allow two royal heirs travel on the same aircraft so that in case of a fatal accident, the lineage would be protected.

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