Quality Every Graduate Must Possess- PART I

Immediately after graduation you are being given a certificate on which the school confirms that you have been found worthy not just in learning but also in character. Many see higher institution as a place where only knowledge is acquired; this notion is false. Higher institution is not just for acquisition of knowledge if not, the University wouldn't have affirmed that you are worthy in character upon graduation. The school hands you a certificate which you don't carry about but keep in your closet. You don't wear the certificate like a necklace therefore no one knows that you have passed through the four walls of the classroom. This means that it is not the formulas and theories you learnt in school that will give people the impression that you really acquired high level education. When you meet someone for the first time either by accident or a planned meeting, you don't start quoting the things you learnt in school for him to know that you are really educated. It is your character that will speak for you. The university gives you the opportunity to associate with older people, younger people and your age mates. Your success depends on your ability to maintain a good relationship with these three group of people. You have to respect your lecturer no matter what he does, sometimes you humble yourself before a younger course mate just to learn from him and you tolerate your age mates. For an assured success, you have to do this for 4 or 5 years as the case may be. That's why after graduation, the school finds you worthy in character because it's assumed that without those good characters, you wouldn't have made it. Though the school has found us worthy both in character and in learning but the society doesn't know anything about that. It's left for you to show the society what we are made of.

The first thing that differentiates an educated man from an illiterate is comportment. Comportment means a whole lot of things but I will summarise it to mean self-packaging. This means how you carry yourself in public and how you react in public. The various experiences and associations you had while in school should mold you into a man that can comport himself everywhere and every time. I will use a true life story to back this up. There was a day I came out of a shopping mall and saw a young man on suit (a banker) yelling at another young man on a T-shirt. I went closer to the scene and discovered that the man who was being yelled at lost balance while walking and as a result accidentally shove the banker and he fell down. The man who pusher was apologising to the man he pushed but the banker wouldn't listen to the apologies and was raising his voice until people gathered. The next thing I saw was him slapping the person apologising to him. The people were expecting a fierce fight. The man that got slapped hastily went to his car nearby and the banker who slapped the man removed his suit and was folding his shirt ready to battle it out. Surprisingly, the man that got slapped came back with a towel and started cleaning the banker's body that was dirtied as a result of the fall. The banker was left motionless, he couldn't utter a world. He portrayed himself as a tout and people saw him as one. At that period, his dressing didn't matter and his first class or second class upper meant nothing. I was there watching a man that collects my cash being humiliated. He didn't know I was watching. As a graduate willing to advance your career, you should be able to comport yourself anywhere you find yourself because you don't know who may pick interest in you. I have seen people being handed business cards by mere spectators simply because of the way they reacted to what would have been a disaster. In our subsequent episodes, we will elucidate on other qualities

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