7 Ways of Being Successful Under the Pressure That Comes After Graduation

The strive by man to be successful didn't just start recently. It's as old as man itself. Being successful has been an issue of great concern among humans especially the youths. As an individual (especially a man) gets to his mid twenties, he naturally feels some pressures even when they are not there. The society we live in has made it look as if it is a law that a man between the ages of 28 and 40 should be able to cater for his needs and not depend on his parents for survival. Many youths in this age bracket face depression when they are unable to do what is expected of them especially when they see their mates who are up and doing. This is mainly because the society mounts so much pressure on this set of people. Sometimes, the family that is supposed to act as a pillar of support to them end up bringing in its own pressure after enduring for so long without seeing any positive changes.

Our society see it that once an individual graduates from the university, the next thing expected of him is to renovate his father's house, train his siblings, build his own house and marry. Many at times, this sequence of events is not strictly adhered to and sometimes, never adhered to. This is mainly due to some circumstances beyond human control. After few years of graduation, your course mates start calling as if they planned it all. Some will call to invite you to join the Old Boys Association to give back to the school that made you thinking that you have achieved those dreams you always talked about in school. Others will call to invite you to their wedding. In the sequence of events "instituted" by the society, marriage is the last stage meaning that they have done every other thing while you are yet to start. Many youths lose it at this stage of their life and as a result, they force themselves into doing what they wouldn't have done if the society had been fair and accommodating. Most youths who take up illegal jobs did not plan to do such jobs but with the gravity of pressure mounted on them, they resolved to make it by all means. Some smuggle themselves out of the country in search of greener pastures overseas. Many never made it to that country alive. Some made it but were jailed on arrival and deported back. As a youth, given the society we found ourselves in, how can we handle all these pressures and eventually overcome them? There are several ways of doing this: 1. Believe in yourself- When pressure is coming from all angles, one thing that can keep you going is self confidence. When you were younger, you had a vision of how successful you will be in future, never let yourself to lose that vision. Believe that you can still be that person you wish to be. The moment you stop believing in yourself, you end up being your own enemy and that's one of the worst things that can happen to a man. 2. Be positive minded- Being positive minded makes you to take complete advantage of any unfavourable thing that comes to your way. Instead of being depressed by the pressure coming from your family or your friends, see it as a motivation to work harder towards achieving your dreams. 3. Do not be afraid to explore other opportunities- Because you have failed in one thing doesn't make you a failure. You only become a failure when you stop trying. Also you can't be doing the same thing and expect to get different result. 4. Don't stay idle- We only start worrying about our lives whenever we are alone. Avoid living a lonely life because that is one of the reasons why most people commit suicide. Even when you are actually alone, engage your mind in something. You may start reading inspirational books that will make your mind healthier. 5. Be free to seek for advice- Some people stop seeking for advice when they are in this kind of situation. They think that asking for advice make them look inferior but that's a fallacy. Even successful people still seek for advice. You may never see everything from your own point of view. You may be passing through hard times without knowing that your breakthrough lies in the tongue of your neighbour. Sometimes, people use their phone torchlight to search for their phone. Don't be shy to ask. 6. Don't be a complainant- There's a difference between asking for advice and complaining. When you seek advice, it means that you still have the will to succeed but complaining means that you have failed. 7. Never lose faith in God- Irrespective of your religion, you need to understand that God doesn't work with our time. He has his own time and that's the best time.

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