Understanding the Importance of Education in the Strive Towards Success

Success is quite simply the major aim in life. The major similarity between that storekeeper you buy groceries from and that young lad with his bag strapped to his back on his way to school is that both want to be successful, and are trying to be successful, there may be other tiny similarities but we are concerned primarily with success, besides success has a lot of brothers. A successful person is almost always the smartest and except you were handed a really fat account balance by your parents you need to work on your thinking faculties if you are to be successful. The easiest way to achieve this is through Education. But what exactly is education? A sound grasp of this concept would help defeat this mindset that even without education one can be successful in life.

Education simply means acquiring knowledge. If you see an ant and you try to reach out for it and you get bitten, next time you really would not want to try that, you have been educated. There are a lot of examples but it is quite obvious that the concept has been grasped. Education can be formal or informal, formal when you have a recognized formal setting for it and informal when you learn most commonly by experience or generally outside a recognized formal educational setting. Formal education would be our main concentration because it leads mostly to a successful life, although informal education also has it’s advantages. Contrary to popular opinion, formal education is not restricted to proper university education, that is just a branch of it, the other branch being skill acquisition and the likes which, sadly, is quite redundant in our country right now, let us be honest we live in a country were a university degree is the all-in-all and everybody strives to achieve that. Couple that with the fact that our universities do not even have enough resources to handle the major courses we have and you will see why our universities cannot support all these entrepreneurial courses. However other countries of the world have successfully navigated this obstacle and are unto a path of greatness, a trained fish farmer in the USA, in most cases, has the same potential for success as a medical doctor. Recently the government has been trying to channel a lot more resources to skill acquisition recognizing its importance to national development so if you find out that you cannot really manage five years in a college studying engineering which you do not like then why not spend same or even less learning something you actually have an inclination towards? This is what makes people successful, the ability to do what you like while earning your living from it, a lot of people have gone down the path of doing things because others are doing the same and the less said about their results the better. Finally success is a measure of your ability to utilize every opportunity that comes your way. You think Nigeria's system of education is not okay for you? Fine I won’t argue with whatever you think, besides there are some courses you would be offering in Nigeria which would garner for you a slot more jeers and rejection than fans, but why not try to better your lot on your own? There are a lot of scholarships to foreign countries to study all manner of formal courses including entrepreneurial courses so why not take up one? Granted everybody cannot go to the USA or England especially considering their immigration rules but there are other developed nations whose system of education can rival theirs. More specifically there is Australia, a country cum continent with a well developed system of education and countless universities in the world’s top 50 that hands out scholarships to African students with a range of options such as 50% scholarships or even full scholarships. Studying in Australia is quite easy with a lot of opportunities for you to even work whilst pursuing a degree in your chosen course, not to mention the welcoming nature of the citizens which contrasts what you observe in moat other countries of the west or even European countries. We have prepared a list of available scholarships for you to apply for, so why not give it a go? Not taking an opportunity is not the same as not having an opportunity at all, education can make you successful only if you grasp the countless opportunities that lay before you

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